2023 Summer Series - Figure Study #22

$ 300.00 USD

A collection deeply influenced by my summer studies on the human body. This series beautifully fuses art and science, exposing the intricate details of our physique in an elegant and mesmerizing manner. Every curve and every line captures the sophistication of the human form we often take for granted. The artworks are enclosed in uniquely handcrafted frame, personally designed by a framing artisan in New England.

This piece is dated, signed, numbered, and displayed in a unique handmade frame.
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Each frame is meticulously curated to harmoniously match the artwork, adding an extra layer of elegance and sophistication. The frame bears unique signs of patina, testifying to their age and elevating the character they add to the artwork.


Each piece allows you to delve into the intricate detail of brush strokes, line quality, contours, and gestures.


I attempt to capture the body in a variety of poses, radiating appreciation and respect for our physical existence. It's a celebration of human diversity and flexibility, making it a perfect addition for any art enthusiast's collection.